Safety Shoes will be called Safety Sneakers from now on.

Redbrick Safety Sneakers offer double protection.

These Redbrick Safety Sneakers are sporty, trendy en of course safe as a vault.
Redbrick Safety Sneakers offer double protection, as they have both a Carbon toe cap, as well as a strong Kevlar sole, thus meeting even the strongest European safety regulations for safety shoes.

Redbrick Safety Sneakers are available in both high and low models, with sizes ranging from 36 to 48.
Suitable for men and women.
Some models in the Redbrick Safety Sneakers collection have a (Carbon, not steel) toe cap, making them last longer,
while most Redbrick Safety Sneakers meet the S3 safety norm, of which the most important characteristics are:
protection in both nose (Carbon toe cap) and (Kevlar) sole and resisting water. The other models in the Redbrick Safety Sneakers Collection 2010 meet the S1P norm (equal to the S3 norm, without the water resistancy).

There's a new kid in Protective Footwear town: Redbrick.

The Converse Work Men's C4275 Work Safety Sneakers and the Adidas Stan Smith Safety *Limited Steel Toe Edition, more or less paved the way, by setting the first baby steps on the therefore ignored road to a new style of fashionable protective footwear. But now it's time to celebrate the growing up of those children. This newly created style of fashionable feet protection, so aptly named sasual footish (from casual safety fetish) is rapidly becoming a trend! Infancy is now over and puberty kicks in, starting june 2010 in the Netherlands with the introduction of the Red Brick Safety Sneakers Collection 2010, bringing you the latest fashion in sneakers combined with the ultimate safety for your toes and feet. Look great, but feel safe and protected at the same time, both at work and at home. Now you can!

Here's a sneak preview of the new Redbrick Safety Sneakers:

Just click the pic to see a model large as life!

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For extensive information about Redbrick Safety Sneakers in Dutch check out Redbrick Safety Sneakers org.

S3- high models with toe cap

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Onyx
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Onyx

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Sunstone
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Sunstone

S3- low models with toe cap

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Flint
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Flint

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Ruby
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Ruby
S3 high models without toe cap

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Gold
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Gold

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Zircon
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Zircon

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Granite
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Granite

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Smaragd
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Smaragd

S3 low models, no toe cap

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Slate
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Slate

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Bronze
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Bronze

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Emerald
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Emerald

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Kryptonite
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Kryptonite

S1P low models, no toe cap

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Coral
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Coral

S1P high models - no toe cap

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Marble
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Marble

Redbrick Safety Sneaker Brown Redbrick Safety Sneaker Blue Redbrick Safety Sneaker Red Redbrick Safety Sneaker Pink
Redbrick Safety Sneakers type Brown, Blue, Red of Pink

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